Throughout April 2015 I took up recidency at the Gallery Alva at Norrlands Universitetssjukhus (NUS), the main hospital of Umeå. I furnished the space like a living room and spent my time reading, drawing, listening to music and laying a pussle. When visitors came in I engaged them in a conversation using a made up language.

This is the exhibition part of the work I’ve been doing with psychologist Niclas Kaiser in the SITE initiative. NUS is the main hospital for a large region of Sweden and many patients come in from far away and stay at the hotel next to it while getting treatment or while other family members are.

This is an environment where many experience things far out of the ordinary. So far away so that there might not be words for it. During my month in the gallery I had many interesting conversations with both visitors and staff about many things happening both inside the body and out.