It Is Never The Shape

1 overview

I used to work as a cleaner. As a cleaner you don’t have to make any descisions since someone has already made them for you. Someone has already planned out the smartest route and the minimum, therefore expected, time to perform each task. All you have to do is move about and perform, until a different kind of robot is invented. You know you’re at the bottom when your body is being remote controlled.

I inhabit the world of control that is both the profession and the environment of the school. Everything is diciplined, it is not a place to live in.
And so I try in that state and place to dream of a different identity.

Additional camera by Daniel Askenvik.

Run 1

This is a three screen video installation, where the sound of my feet walking the empty school fills the space. On two screens the school is explored at a foot pace and in the middle one my bodily investigations take place.