Run With The Heart Of The Blind






The lone figure stretches upwards in a dramatic manner and falls repeatedly to the ground as his legs appear to give in under him. The sound is a so called cluster of notes, coming from the people in the background who in fact is a choir. No sooner has he hit the ground than he is seemingly pulled by invicible threads, or by the sound of the choir, back up again.

The gesture I here perform is inspired by children observed in shopping malls. Overtired they hurl themselves to the ground and refuse to remain standing as their parents try to prop them up. Over and over they are pulled up, to no avail, their legs turned to jelly.

The physically organised bodies of the choir members who, locked in position, express a unity and order through their voices (indeed, they are subordinated to that order, they are its intruments) is contrasted with the almost ataxic body of the lone ‘dancer’ who struggles with either getting up or staying down, or rather with maintaining a routine that enables both.

In butoh you create a resistance inside yourself which you go head to head with. It is not a matter of enduring pain or fatigue. And it is never ever ironic. I am very interested in using this energy in art.